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Welcome to My Thatch Roof, a leading provider of beautiful synthetic thatch roofing materials and wooden structures such as gazebos, canopies and cabanas. We’re committed to providing high-quality, long-lasting, and eco-friendly roofing supplies like our synthetic straw roofing tiles and our synthetic palm thatch – indistinguishable from real palm from  a short distance.

We sell Palmex Synthetic Thatch and highly recommend it for your thatch roofing needs.
Besides being safe and eco-friendly, it is also affordable and 100% waterproof. Please rea our Why Synthetic Thatch page to read more about how synthetic thatch is the clear superior to natural thatch and reed roofing materials and how you can order your synthetic roofing today!

My Thatch Roof also sells beautiful cedar outdoor structures for your own personal paradise. Check out our structures page to read about our cabanas, gazebos and canopies- we sell kits to build your own structures, but if you live in the DFW area we can come install it for you. our beautiful red Cedar structures are the perfect way to bring a tropical feel into your outdoor decor-  you can relive that feeling of napping on the beach under the shade of a beautiful palm canopy on your last beach vacation every day in your own backyard! And what pool is complete without a beautiful cabana or thatch umbrella to provide a nice shady corner for enjoying the summertime?

We’re proud to be a green company and are happy to help you select an ecofriendly, long-lasting roofing product that’s right for you and your business or home. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, and we hope you enjoy looking around and getting ideas!

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